Londons Principal Stations
Cannon Street






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  777 Sir Lamiel on display, note the sleepers chained to the rails in front of her, to stop an enthusiast getting overly enthusiastic and driving her off over the Thames! 24/08/1986  

777 Sir Lamiel 24/08/1986

  777 Sir Lamiel 24/08/1986  
  777 Sir Lamiel advertising The Shakespeare Express, which was a regular Sunday dining train from Marylebone to Stratford-upon-Avon. 24/08/1986  
  Only a matter of time before the Station was built over, if the Luftwaffe hadn't damaged the roof, we would have destroyed it in the name of progress. 28/05/1988  
  I dont think you would be able to see St Pauls as clearly as this today. 31/03/1991  
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