Londons Principal Stations


I have put together a collection of photographs of Londons principal stations taken from the late 1970's to the present day. There are a few sound recordings of steam runs out of the capital and accompanying photographs.
I hope over time to add to the trackplans and bring the photographs up to date, unfortunately the ever increasing demand for office space in London has taken its toll on the railways, with London Bridge Central being the latest victim, (2013), hardly any of the stations have survived unscathed, Paddington is one survivor but recently only just escaped rebuilding of the fourth roof, I am sure the proposal will re-surface in the future.
This is not a comprehensive survey, as there are many gaps, Stratford for instance, but as BR rebuilt the station a long time ago I never bothered to photograph it, also some are rather tenuous, like Bricklayers Arms which ceased to be a station a very long time ago, but I have included it none the less.
As always I welcome any comments or queries and I hope you enjoy this trip around the Capital.




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ll Baker Street
Bricklayers Arms
Broad Street
Cannon Street
Charing Cross
Clapham Junction
Fenchurch Street
Holborn Viaduct
Kensington Olympia
Kings Cross
Liverpool Street
London Bridge
Ludgate Hill
St Pancras