Steam Sheds around Britain


  Welcome to my Steam Sheds around Britain pages. This is the start of a very long term project to make the photographs more accesable by grouping them in geographical regions of the country, it is not intended as a complete index to all of Britains sheds or a definitive history so rather than a number crunching journey it is a relaxed wander around the shed roads to look at points of interest. Each area of the country will have a list of the sheds featured and where possible I hope to include track plans, seen on shed lists,photographs when still open and more recent shots showing their fate, some sheds like Eastbourne I have no photographs but I do have a track plan so these will be included with appropriate local photographs. The first area covered is the South and east, partly as its my home area and also its the simplist, not sure when I will get round to South Wales, the spellings alone will be a nightmare. Many thanks to Alan Robinson for supplying seen on shed lists and use of many of the real days photographs. I do have a very few photographs from the real days that I am uncertain about their origin so if you recognise any, please do get in touch and also accept my appolgies. Thankyou for visiting I hope you find it interesting, just click on the map below and have a wander. All the original shed shots in their random state are still on line to view just click on the shot of Grangemouth below. I have added an Index to these shots and will be updating them from time to time.  

The South of England

Steam Sheds


Click on the shot of Sunderland for an Index of Sheds covered on these pages