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The Remain's of Britain's Steam age Railway page 48 An explore ending up at Monsal Head on the Midland Mainline in the Peak District.

The Remain's of Britain's Steam age Railway page 117 England from Devon to Yorkshire and a few others



No Steam Today. A few days in the fascinating city of Porto



No Steam Today. Some shots at various interesting locations around England.


The Remains of Britain's Steam age Railway page 47. Christ's Hospital, Fullerton Junction and Clydach.



The Remains of Britain's Steam age Railway page 46. A recent trip to Hampshire and West Sussex


The Remains of Britain's Steam age Railway page 116. Merseyside to Wales, Dorset and Sussex.


The Remains of Britain's Steam age Railway page 45. Railways of Cheshire with the odd interloper.


The Remains of Britain's Steam age Railway page 115. An explore around West Cumbria and a few other locations in the North West.


The Remains of Britain's Steam age Railway page 44. A walk around the fascinating Birkenhead.


Updates have been a bit thin on the ground in recent months although I have still been very busy out and about with my camera.
Chemotherapy is taking its toll, walking 10 miles round a city in a day, means 2 days to recover, cancer is not going to stop me and
although I get very frustrated at how difficult everything has suddenly become I do enjoy it and according to my consultant it is good for me!
The Glasgow pages started as a day trip to have a good look around Central Station the site of St Enoch and visit the Transport Museum, my fascination
with tunnels got the better of me and so I set out to photograph as many of the cities 25 or so disused railway tunnels. I have never had a real need to walk
the tunnels, certainly not on my own, which is just as well as it involves a lot of fence climbing etc which I would find very difficult now, scrabbling up and down
cuttings is about my limit.
The pages on Glasgow are not intended as a comprehensive guide, but rather a southerners view of a once fascinating railway system.
The Remains of Britain's Steam age Railway page 43. Glasgow and it's Tunnels.


The Remains of Britain's Steam age Railway page 42. Glasgow and it's Tunnels.


The Remains of Britain's Steam age Railway page 41. Glasgow and it's Tunnels.


The Remains of Britain's Steam age Railway page 40. Glasgow and it's Tunnels.

The Remains of Britain's Steam age Railway the early years page 113. Variety in and around Cumbria.

The Remains of Britain's Steam age Railway page 39. From Greater Manchester to The Meon Valley.


The Remains of Britain's Steam age Railway the early years page 113. Blackpool to Craig Hall via Redmire and Redcar.


The Remains of Britain's Steam age Railway page 38. The Wirral and Chester.



No Steam Today

Cardiff, Liverpool, Brighton, Blackpool, Lancaster, Edinburgh and London



The Remains of Britain's Steam age Railway page 112. From Lymington to Lydd via Manchester.


The Remains of Britain's Steam age Railway page 37. Another mixed crop, GWR,SECR,LBSCR and CLC.


A couple of trips to the East Lancashire Railway to see and hear 73129 and 80080


The Remains of Britain's Steam age Railway Page 111 A sunny day around the Manchester suburbs.

The Remains of Britain's Steam age Railway Page 110 LSWR, CLC and GWR.

The Remains of Britain's Steam age Railway Page 36 A cycle in Staffordshire and around Wellingborough.


Main Line Steam page 18 Northern Fells


The Remains of Britain's Steam age Railway Page 109 Southampton to Netley via Totton and Hockley



The Remains of Britain's Steam age Railway Page 35 Manchester and Northwich plus a few places inbetween


The Remains of Britain's Steam age Railway Page 108. Some local views in 2010 and an afternoon in Manchester.



Return to the Main Line, my return that is. 46233 'Duchess of Sutherland' on the WCME looking and sounding rather good,
and some good sights and sounds of 44871 & 45407 on The Tin Bath.


An explore around Rock Ferry Pier on the Wirral.


The Monsal Trail in Derbyshire with a good layer of snow.


The Remains of Britain's Steam age Railway Page 34. A trip to Liverpool and a cycle through The Peak District.


First steam since Oct 2013! Keighley and Worth Valley Railway and 75078 back in action on its first revenue earning runs since major overhaul.
Photos are part way down the page after the Great Central Railway shots.



No Steam Today a walk around Bootle and on the beach at Crosby to look at Sir Anthony Gormleys statues



Some new shots from the real days added to the 1960's pages. GWR LMS SR and BR standards



1983 Brands hatch 1000km added to No Steam Today, plenty of Porsche 956's and Lanica LC2's



The Remains of Britain's Steam age Raiway part 107, the early years. The final couple of days of an explore round Scotland in 2010


The Remains of Britain's Steam age Raiway part 33, some local views around Warrington including the towns numerous Signal Boxes



New additions to the 1970's and 1980's pages, Mainline. Bluebell. Other Railways. Keighley and Worth Valley Railway. North Yorkshire Moors Railway.


Some steamy additions to the Main Line pages 15, 16 and 17 taken in the early 1990s



The Remains of Britain's Steam age Railway page 32. The final part of Hereford and the Borders.



The Remains of Britain's Steam age Railway page 106, some views artound Scotland.



Scotland in Black and White.


Addition to the No Steam Today page, the 1984 Donnington 500 ETC round.


The Remains of Britain's Steam age Railway page 31, day 2 in Herefordshire and the Welsh borders.


The Remains of Britain's Steam age Railway page 105, including Cheshire, Greater Manchester and
the first day of a 2 week explore to Scotland, via Lytham and Glasson Dock amongst others.


The Remains of Britain's Steam age Railway page 30, a few days around Herefordshire and the Welsh borders.



An update to the Midland through the Peak pages. Some recent shots from Bakewell to Rusher Cutting Tunnel,
now the Tunnels have been opened for walking and cycling, highly recommended.



The Remains of Britain's Steam age Railway 104 , a varied mix of photos from loctions like Falmer in the south and Potto in the north.



The Remains of Britain's Steam age Railway 29, day 4 around Bath and Bristol.


The Remains of Britain's Steam age Railway 28, day 3 around Bath and Bristol.


The Remains of Britain's Steam age Railway 103, some shots around Kent and Sussex mainly of still opened stations.


11/05/2014 The Remains of Britain's Steam age Railway 27, a cycle around Bath and Bristol using the S&D,MR and GWR.


In November 2013 I was diagnosed with Kidney Cancer, it had spread to both Kidneys and both my Lungs.
In January 2014 I had one of my Kidneys removed, I am now in good health and getting out and about,
but the Cancer in my Lungs and remaining Kidney is still growing,
so I have started a blog about my experiences, please have a look at the link below.


The Remains of Britain's Steam age Railway 101 and 102.
These pages will run along side the existing ones and will be used to upload older Photographs from around 2011 back to the 1970's.


The Remains of Britain's Steam Railway 26, Leicestershire Days 3 & 4


The Remains of Britain's Steam Railway 25, Leicestershire Day 2


1979 Brands Hatch ETC The CSL's racing career was drawing to a close



Local shots around Latchford



Page 7 and Page 8 of new Steam Shed shots, plenty of interest from Wakefield to Much Wenlock



Some Colour shots added at Page 6 of the Steam Sheds


I have finally added some pages to the Eastern Region Structures pages. A cyle tour around Norfolk in 2005


Over 100 new shots added from 1981, showing Main Line Steam as it was then. Have a look at page 5 and page 6


27/02/2014 Additions to The Real Days, new shots from all the regions in the 1960's pages



24/02/2014 A few days exploring in Leicestershire, day 1 at The Remains of Britains Steam Age Railway page 24



22/02/2014 1970's & 1980's New shots from several preserved railways around 1980. including The Bluebell, KWVR, NYMR and Mid-Hants.



07/02/2014 Another visit to the fascinating Forest of Dean. Pages 22 & 23 The Remain's of Britains Steam age Railway



07/11/2013 Trackplans added to Midland through the Peak



01/11/2013 Shots from the 1983 Silverstone Tourist Trophy and the Brands Hatch 1000km



29/10/2013 More Mainline Steam from the 1970's and 1980's



25/10/2013 Some 1970's and 1980's Preserved line shots



23/10/2013 Mainly LMS and LNER shots added to the 1960's pages



18/10/2013 Page 21 of The Remains of Britain's Steam Age Railway. Part 2 of South Wales



06/10/2013 Page 20 of The Remains of Britain's Steam Age Railway. Part 2 of South Wales



18/09/2013 Page 19 of The Remains of Britain's Steam Age Railway. First day of an explore around South Wales.



02/06/2013 I have added an Index to the The Remains of Britain's Steam Age Railway. The Map link is available on each page to help navigation. A location Map will follow in due course.



28/05/2013 Londons Principal Stations. A new section devoted to London and its Stations. It is not intended as a comprehensive list, as there are many gaps, but it is the photographs I have taken around the Capital over the past 36 years, with some trackplans and sound recordings included.
This has been quite a mamoth project, as I have been working on it, on and off for over a year, so I am quite relieved to now have it virtualy complete, over time I will add to the sound recordings and include present day views of the locations.




08/05/2013 Page 18 and the final part to our East Midlands explore, some shots around Wellingborough of the station and the loco shed.




24/03/2013 Page 17 of The Remain's of Britains Steam Age Railway. Part 3 of our East Midlands explore, with some interesting views around Catesby in fabulous conditions, if a little bit chilly.




20/04/2013 Page 16 of The Remains of Britain's Steam Age Railway. Part 2 of our East Midlands explore, as the snow gets heavier along the GC.




19/04/2013 Page 15 of The Remains of Britain's Steam Age Railway. Part 1 of a very wintery explore based around Wellingborough.




25/02/2013 Page 14 of The Remains of Britain's Steam Age Railway, more local views around Kent & Sussex.




19/01/2013 Page 13 of The Remains of Britain's Steam Age Railway, featuring mostly Sussex sites.



15/01/2013 A new page to Preserved Steam Other Railways, featuring 4F 44422, GW 2-6-2 5541 and home loco 47493 at the Spa Valley Railway.



07/01/2013 Updates to the 1960s pages. A new page for the SR and BR Standards, and additions towards the bottom of the pages for the other regions.



19/12/2012 Page 12 of The Remains of Britain's Steam Age Railway , East Kent, K&ESR and Hawkhurst Branch.



05/12/2012 Page 14 on the Bluebell, including some nocturnal views.




19/11/2012 Part 3 of The Forest of Dean.




17/11/2012 Part 2 of the Forest of Dean explore including the Monmouth-Coleford line.




14/11/2012 Page 13 on the Bluebell Railway featuring visiting Pannier Tank 3650 and newly overhauled H class 263 on Remembrance Sunday.



10/11/2012 The Remains of Britain's Steam Age Railway, page 8 Part 2 of Crystal Palace and Page 9 the first part of a recent Forest of Dean explore.



27/10/2012 The Remains of Britain's Steam Age Railway, page 6 concluding our West Country tour and page 7 being the first part of a tour around Crystal Palace.



28/10/2012 No Steam Today Crystal Palace at he bottom of the page, a walk around the Palace site




06/10/2012 Additions to the 1970's and 1980's pages, Main Line, Bluebell, Severn Valley amongst others.



03/10/2012 Pages 4 and 5 of The Remains of Britain's Steam Age Railway, continuing our week of touring West Country Railways.



27/09/2012 Page 3 of The Remains of Britain's Steam Age Railway and day 2 and 3 of road trip to Penzance.



25/09/2012 Day two of West Country trip at The Remains of Britain's Steam Age Railway page 2. A trip from Chppenham to Penzance and return.



24/09/2012 A new section for the site, The Remains of Britain's Steam Age Railway. This is primarily to upload photos and plans of anything of Railway interest that I come across in my travels either still in operation or abandoned by the Railway. I have to thank my great friend Alan Robinson for allowing me to take many of these shots through his driving (and patience while I wander off to some Tunnel or Viaduct for goodness knows how long) which has taken us the length and breadth of the country, from Riccarton Junction to Bathealton Tunnel to name but two.



10/09/2012 No Steam Today a visit to the bizarre but fascinating houseboats at Shoreham Harbour


22/08/2012 Page 12 on the Bluebell Railway, highlighted are some of the superb carraiges that have been recently returned to service, and visiting 9F 92212.


22/08/2012 Some new Keighley and Worth Valley Railway material at Other Railways 2 with some very spirited running by 80002 and the L&Y 0-6-0 957


22/08/2012 Main Line 14 including a superb recording of Scots Guardsman roaring away from Skipton with the late running Waverley.


22/08/2012 Additions to Page 7 on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway, 45407 sounding as good as ever, especially on the evening diner.


24/06/2012 Page 11 on the Bluebell


16/05/2012 30777 Sir Lamiel at the Bluebell plus some of the resident locos.



14/05/2012 Deal Pier in all its concrete glory



01/04/2012 A return to the northern section of the Cuckoo line, Redgate Mill, Rotherfield, Argos Hill and Mayfield, with surprisingly little change over the past 30 years except for the size of the trees.



22/03/2012 New shots on the 1960's pages from all the regions. Many thanks again to Alan Robinson, Chris Pollington and the late John Ashley for the use of their shots, there are rather a lot more to come.



10/03/2012 Additions to the 70's & 80's, Main Line pages 2,3, Bluebell page 2 and Severn Valley page 1.



07/03/2012 Updates to the shed pages, Newhaven, closed and awaiting redevelopment. A new page for the Works shed at Mountfield, used for the Gypsum site and I think demolished not long after this photo was taken. Any confirmation of this?



01/03/2012 Midhants Railway Pages 4 and 5, a glorious sunny February day



09/01/2012 Page 7 on the NYMR



02/01/2012 Some views of the beautiful city of Prague



29/10/2011 Bluebell Railway page 9, including shots of Fairburn tank 42085


10/09/2011 Main Line 13 new shots of a Brit a Bullied and an A4



16/08/2011 New pages added to The Stainmore Line, now taking in Tebay,Darlington,Penrith and Middleton including track plans and Gradient Profiles. This update neatly coincides with the 150th anniversary of the opening of the line.



06/08/2011 Main Line 13, Black 5's on Shap and the S & C, and a Brit on Sole St. The glorious weekend of 23-24th July saw 45305 with 10 on, making a steady climb of Shap and then a spirited climb to Ais Gill, finishing with a very vocal climb of Whalley bank. 45407 did the honours on the Suday and loaded to 12 she was well in comand on the northbound run, the southbound climb to Ais Gill was not a lot slower than 45305 the day before, a very impressive performance. Recording conditions on the S & C were almost perfect, a rare treat.
70000 Britania worked the Canterbury run on 28th July and with 13 on she was very much master of the task. Bearsted bank was taken in style and for a change I recorded the beginning of the climb from Mote Park in Maidstone, not the best of recordings as there is a lot of indirect sound due to the number of trees etc but it does give a good an impression of her starting the 1:60 climb, Cuxton Road was very nice and she came up the bank with a lot in reserve. She is certainly starting to match Cromwell in the vocal and performance department.



18/07/2011, A new page of Main Line 12 steam workings from the last couple of months.



09/04/2011, 70000 Britannia on her maiden revenue earning run around Kent at the bottom of Main Line 10



01/04/2011 Coming soon a major revamp to The Stainmore route pages, extending the coverage to take in Darlington,Penrith and Tebay. New trackplans, gradient profiles and many more images.
Nicely coincides with the 150th anniversary of the opening of the line.

01/04/2011 A run over the Northern banks for 6201 Princess Elizabeth at the bottom of Main Line 10



14/03/2011 Main Line 11 with images and sound recordings from the 1990's



10/02/2011 The Scarborough and Whitby Railway added to North Eastern structures.
This once fabulous line which is now a cycle path, in photos,track plans and gradient profiles.
The gradients on this line were pretty tough and for that alone it would have been well worth riding on in steam days, add the gorgeous scenary,
pretty wayside stations and operating necessaties like the reversal at either end and you would have had a day out to remember!



12/01/2011 No Steam Today. Some shots from the 1982 Brands Hatch 1000km, both in practice 16/10 and race day 17/10. The Rothmans Porsche 956 of Jacky Ickx/Derek Bell showing the way, hotly pursued by the Martini Lancia LC 1's of Teo fabi/Riccardo Patrese and Michele Alboreto/Piercarlo Ghinzani, especialy in the rain at the start. The fast but fragile and short lived Ford C100's of Marc Surer/Klaus Ludwig and Manfred Winkelhock/Klaus Niedzwiedz were on the front row and a third car driven by Jonathon Palmer/Derire Wilson on 8th spot but the no1 and 2 cars had an embarassing coming together after a few laps, it wasnt the first time at the Brands 1000k that experienced drivers seemed to think they were in a sprint race and paid the price. The Fabi Lancia finished 2nd behind the works Porsche and the Fords of Palmer and Surer a distant 4th and 5th. John Fitzpatrick/David Hobbs and the Brilliant Bob Wolleck finished 3rd in a Porsche 935 K4.



19/12/2010 Some Main Line images and recordings added


06/12/2010 Yet again a long time between updates, another move, change of job etc. A trip to the KWVR to record Caprotti Standard 5, 73129
was very enjoyable, she certainly lives up to the reputation as being one of the noiseiest locos to run on BR.


12/05/2010 The Great BritainIII A week spent in Scotland in near perfect weather, produced some good shots and wonderful sounds, 70013
really doing the business, although the K4 on Ravens Rock was rather special.


09/03/2010 More Bluebell shots with 78019


07/02/2010 A visit to the Bluebell to see 78019 in action and view 42085 at Sheffield Park.


02/02/2010 A trip tp the NRM to pay homage to Duchess of Hamilton.


12/01/2010 Some more photos in the snow in The New Forest including a very frozen Hatchet pond.


09/01/2010 First stage in a new look to the Steam shed pages,South and South East being the first part of a plan to have the photos, both 1960s and more up to date views organised in geographical area, including track plans and other points of interest.


07/01/2010 Some snowy scenes from around the New Forest


23/12/2009 Santas on the Swanage Railway but unfortunately no snow


23/12/2009 Some snowy Santas on the Midhants Railway


01/12/2009 Some additions to the K&ESR pages


27th November Update to the Bluebell pages 5,6 featuring 9017, 34059, 592 and some new sound clips.


24th November Main Line pages 7 and 8 some new photos and sound clips to add to the collection.


22nd November 2009 Some shots and recordings from the Midhants earlier in the year including visiting Super D.
Some shots taken at Swanage this Autum with visiting S&D 7F being the star.


21st November 2009 A few days spent on the NYMR pages 4,5 and 6 some superb sounds, impressive pyrotechnics and gorgeous Autumn colours.


9th September 2009 Well time really flies! Some months since my last update, more domestic troubles ( Change of career, for the last time, and an impending move of over 200 miles .) although I have been taking more photos than ever and making quite a few recordings, my change of situation will allow me to upload these sooner rather than later and give me a chance to revamp the site. A couple of new pages added, No Steam Today , Hastimgs Pier and its original lifeblood, its Fishing boats.


8th May 2009 Grove Junction to Eridge. with a couple of High Rocks still to add.


8th May 2009 The ex LBSC Station at Tunbridge Wells West was always a favourite of mine and here is a large selection of shots showing its final years.


6th April 2009 Heads of the Valley A page dedicated to the crews that worked this incredibly tough line with woefully inadequate locomotives, Super D's and Coal Tanks!


4th April 2009 A sound clip added to The Midland Through the Peak page. 48773 taking 13 up to Peak forest in fine style.


4th April 2009 Another memorable climb, this time 80080+80079 climbing through Narberth on the Pembroke line, actualy it was quite a day, Narberth being only a part of it. Scroll to the bottom of the page to listen to the recording.


3rd April 2009 An in depth tour of the Cuckoo Line in Sussex a line I have known since not long after closure, but sadly never got the chance to do it behind steam.


11th March 2009 Something new in No steam Today. Around Hampshire.


23rd February 2009 A new addition to the memorable climbs 44871 doing her stuff on Glen Douglas

18th February 2009 Some more additions to the 1960's shots, at last a reasonably representation.

7th January 2009 Well a new year and a new start, again domestic and work troubles have kept me away from steam, but at long last an update to the 1960's pages, the tip of a rather large collection of real days photos.

20th October 2008 A new page for Main Line steam, some memorable climbs, no pictures but plenty of sound!

15th October 2008 Some more shots from last month on the NYMR pages 1,3 & 4

5th October 2008 A couple of shots of 70013 added to the Main Line page 5 towards the bottom , not the greatest of shots but included to illustrate the superb sound effects that OC produces, just the boost Main Line steam in the south needed, after some rather "Quiet" years!
A new page for the NYMR from a visit at the end of the summer. 45212 again being the star, with 75029/825 doing the business as well, 61994 with 7 on and a decent bank to climb was making some interesting noises, the A4 was also making some noises but sadly not of the right sort, she is so out of place on the Moors. 30926 was doing it quite happily, but was worked relatively easily on the bank despite having 7 on. An all round excellent visit, the hospitality on the NYMR was as always superb.


13th August 2008 An update to the NYMR page with some more sound clips added.

5th August 2008 Some shots added at NYMR and Other Railways

3rd August 2008 A few more preserved line shots have been added here, Bluebell page 5, Midhants, K&ESR,

16th July 2008 A few additions to Page 3 and a new Page 4 of Bluebell shots.

13th July 2008 Shots taken at Pett Level earlier this year, a gorgeous bit of Coastline between Fairlight and Rye Harbour. With the tide right out you can cycle the whole distance on the sand at the waters edge, highly recommended.

27th June 2008
Pages 3,4&5 of Main Line Steam with a few sound clips as well.

24th June 2008
Another Scotish line added, The Port Road, this long closed but superb line had everything, gradients,variety of motive power, large trains, viaducts, scenary, but curiously no tunnels.

16th June 2008
A couple of new pages of Steam Sheds added. Pages 4 & 5.
Some vintage shots added to The Midland Through the Peak.

6th June 2008
Some Scotish sheds added here Steam Sheds

5th June 2008
A new page added on The Waverley Route part of our 12 Summits tour of Northern England and Scotland.

1st June 2008
As can be seen it is a long time since my last update, a few troubles on the domestic front, to put it mildly, a familiar problem to many steam enthusiasts. Getting back on track now!!
A week touring Northern England and Scotland with my old mate Alan Robinson was a real tonic. First run of the season to Mallaig behind the K1 with Kane/Santrian doing the honours in fine style, 7 on and nearly full, not bad at all, of course to get there we went via the S&C, Belah, Whitrope, Riccarton Junction, The Port Road, Big Water of Fleet Viaduct, Glenwhilly, Fairlie Jetty and Glen Douglas, returning via Druimuachdar, Glenoglehead, Drumlanrig and Shap to name a very few!
A few additions here to the Stainmore Line. Notice the NE boundry sign at Lartington, and the strange fact that the two viaduct boxes remain, Belah and Lartington West.

24th November 2007
A new page for 1970's and 1980's Main Line some old favourites here from the days when Main Line steam was run for fun.

23rd November 2007
More additions to The Midland through the Peak which makes a more complete survey of the route.

11th November 2007
A redesign to the No Steam Today page, hopefully this will encourage me to upload some more images including some Motor racing scenes, currently at the editing stage.

8th October 2007
Pages 2 and 3 on the Bluebell plus various new sounds added on the Preservation pages.

19th September 2007
A new shed page added steam sheds 2 also work in progress on The Midland through the Peak

6th September 2007
New additions to the Steam Sheds page Sheffield Millhouses a very sad sight!

30th August 2007
A very busy year with the cameras (although a little quiet with the microphone) visits to Yorkshire, Derbyshire South Wales and the Isle of Wight amongst others. The absolute highlights being the site of Belah Viaduct on the Stainmore line, and walking from Bakewell to Blackwell Mill Halt on the Midland Railways main line through the Peak district.
Visit for details of the railway tunnels walk , well worth it all for a £2 bus fare!
A visit to the North Yorkshire Moors Railway brought mixed results, a rather off colour 45407 and some decidedly strange sounds from 60007, but 45212 saved the day with some superb climbs to Goathland.
Disused Railway lines cycled, include Worsborough Bank, for anyone not in the know this was part of the Woodhead electrification, located between Wath and Peniston, in Yorkshire, arguably the main reason behind electrification as it involved nearly two miles of 1:40 and 1000 ton steam hauled coal trains, the only location to have double heading and two banking locos (even three on occasions.) Cycling on a hot summers day was quite hard going up to the tunnels at Silkstone, the sound of four engines on the coal trains toiling up through the tunnels would be hard to imagine. For anyone interested in this route, the Foxline Scenes from the Past books on the Woodhead line are an absolute must, also there is an excellent site devoted to the line at,

..........................................................W ................ Worsborough Bank

A slightly less strenuous cycle was on the Isle of Wight, part of the Freshwater line,Newport-Sandown and on to Wroxall then a view around railway remains in Ventnor ( now that is strenuous on a bike!)
Currently I am working on pages on The Stainmore Line and the Midland through the Peak, these should be uploaded to Railway Structures soon, also I have added some more sound clips, if you control click on the sound icon you can have the pleasure of the sound and the picture. Some of the sound and picture files are quite large, so please be patient while they load.

................................................ .........


Silkestone No.2