The Remains of Britain's Steam Age Railway

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The Terminus at Lee-on-Solent on the short LSWR branch from Fort Brockenhurst, on the Gosport line. 14/03/2010

Lee-on-Solent Terminus Station 14/03/2010
Clarence Yard Tunnel, entrance to the Naval Docks at Gosport. 14/03/2010

Clarence Yard. 14/03/2010
Breamore Station looking south. LSWR West Moors-Salisbury. 14/03/2010
Breamore Station. After years of neglect the Station has been tastefully renovated and is now in commercial use. 14/03/2010
Breamore Station. 14/03/2010
Breamore Station. 14/03/2010

Breamore Station. 14/03/2010
Lymington platform at Brockenhurst, looking West. 15/03/2010
Brockenhurst Station looking East. 15/03/2010

Brockenhurst Station looking towards Bournemouth. 15/03/2010

Hythe Pier on the West side of Southampton Water. This electrically operated narrow gauge line, is a real museum piece, it connects with the passenger ferries that cross to Southampton and saves people having to go the long way round via Totton. 15/03/2010
Hythe Pier Station. The Hythe Electric Railway obviously dosen't come under the Steaming around Britain's Railway banner, but it is fascinating none the less. 15/03/2010
Looking to the buffers at Hythe. 15/03/2010
Hythe Pier with the ensemble returning to the mainland. 15/03/2010

I don't think it has won any design awards. 15/03/2010
Hythe Pier Head Station. 15/03/2010

Hythe Pier Station. 15/03/2010
Hythe Station on the LSWR Fawley Branch, still open for Oil traffic. 15/03/2010

Hythe Station, looking towards Fawley. 15/03/2010
Marchwood Station, between Hythe and Totton. 15/03/2010
Marchwood looking from the Level Crossing towards Totton. 15/03/2010
Marchwood Station looking south to Fawley. 15/03/2010
Marchwood Station. 15/03/2010

Marchwood Station, with the ground frame seen on the platform.15/03/2010
Lymington Junction, with a Unit approaching from Lymington. The old route to Bournemouth via Ringwood left on the right opposite the white electrical building. 15/03/2010

Latchford Locks on the Manchester Ship Canal, with Latchford Viaduct on the Warrington Low Level route in the background. 23/03/2010
Thelwall Station, first station after Latchford Viaduct, looking towards Warrington. 23/03/2010

Thewall Station looking towards Lymm. 15/03/2010

Crossing keepers cottage at Lymm, the Station was where the trees are. 23/03/2010
While on a jaunt to The Bluebell Railway to record the Fairburn Tank, we called in at Cholsey and Moulsford Station.. 26/03/2010
Cholsey and Moulsford Station on the GW mainline, junction for Wallingford. Down Fast platform. 26/03/2010
Cholsey and Moulsford Station. 26/03/2010
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