The Remains of Britain's Steam Age Railway

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Ferndale Station above, on the Maerdy branch and a river crossing left further up the branch. 24/06/2014

River bridge on the approach to Maerdy.
Reservoir railway bridge at Luest-Wen, on the extension past Maerdy. 24/06/2014
Date stamp at Luest-Wen. 24/06/2014
Luest-Wen Narrow gauge bridge. 24/06/2014
Looking down the bridge towards Maerdy. 24/06/2014
Luest-Wen Reservoir. 24/06/2014

Colliery building at Luest-Wen. 24/06/2014
Ladywell, first station south from Lewisham on the Addiscombe and Hayes branch. 29/06/2014
Ladywell Station. 29/06/2014

Ladywell Station. 29/06/2014
Crofton Park Station, on the Catford loop, between Nunhead and Catford. 29/06/2014
Crofton Park Station. 29/06/2014
Crofton Park Station. 29/06/2014
Crofton Park Station. 29/06/2014

Crofton Park Station. 29/06/2014
Honor Oak Park Station, on the main Forest Hill line. 29/06/2014

Honor Oak Park Station, looking up the bank towards Forest Hill. 29/06/2014
Southport's remaining operational station at Chapel St. 20/07/2014
Southport Chapel St, Wigan to the left and Liverpool to the right. 20/07/2014
Southport Chapel St, on the platform side the station has survived reltively well, but from the road it is easy to miss the station as it is lost in a shopping development. 20/07/2014

Southport Chapel St. 20/07/2014
The CLC Lord St Station at Southport, with a carbuncle attached, although it is in good order and has now got a new lease of life. 20/07/2014

The main reason for visiting Southport, was to cycle back along the CLC line to Aintree and then onto Halewood, this view is looking south near the site of Mossbridge Station. 20/07/2014
As seen in the above photo, this unsual overbridge spans both the railway and the Brook, Mossbridge Station was just the other side of the bridge. 20/07/2014

Further south just passed Hillhouse Junction there is this attractive overbridge. 20/07/2014

A short distance further south is another attractive overbridge at Hillhouse. Altcar & Hillhouse Station was the other side. 20/07/2014
Hunts Cross Station looking towards Allerton on the CLC Liverpool-Manchester route. 20/07/2014

Hunts Cross Station. 20/07/2014

Fiddlers Ferry & Penketh Station on the LNWR Warrington LL route, now freight only to serve the power station. 24/07/2014

Underbridge at Gateacre Station near Halewood. 24/07/2014
Overbridge at Broad Green, carrying the LNW Liverpool-Manchester route. 24/07/2014

Looking south at Broad Green, mix of railway,road and M62. 24/07/2014
Long overbridge or short tunnel, near Knotty Ash. 24/07/2014

Looking south near Knotty Ash. 24/07/2014
West Derby Station looking north. 24/07/2014
West Derby Station. 24/07/2014
West Derby Station. 24/07/2014
Overbridge north of West Derby. 24/07/2014

Overbridges near Clubmoor, looking north. 24/07/2014
Lattice girder bridge over the A580 at Clubmoor. 24/07/2014
A580 at Clubmoor. 24/07/2014

Lookin south towards the site of Clubmoor Station. 24/07/2014
Crossing of the A580T road, at Walton. 24/07/2014
A580T bridge at Walton. 24/07/2014
Looking south near Aintree, where the CLC passed under the L&Y route from Liverpool to Preston. 24/07/2014
Overbridge just north of the above shot near Aintree. 24/07/2014
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