The Remains of Britain's Steam Age Railway
Droxford, Midhurst, Christ's Hospital to Clydach
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Former Droxford Station Hotel 16/07/2018.

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These two pages are a record of a few days spent in the south. Firstly on the Saturday was a Railway Ramblers walk with a visit to Droxford Station
then a walk along the track bed of the old Meon Valley Railway to Knowle Junction on the Fareham line, a very hot but well organised and enjoyable day.
On Monday it was a long over due return to the Chichester-Midhurst route, starting at Midhurst LSW station then looking at the three main tunnels and the
recently cleared Singleton Station site, then back to base via Christ's Hospital another recently cleared site.
Tuesday it was back north via Clydach on The Head's of the Valley's route from Abergavenny to Merthyr, another station that has had a recent change of fortune,
it is up for sale, I also wanted to have a look at the eastern portal's of the Clydach Tunnel's.
A very enjoyable but hard few days in the heat and in the middle of my Chemotherapy, but it ticked off a few sites that needed revisiting.

A rather poor map of Droxford Station circa 1900.

Underbridge just north of Droxford Station on the London and South Western Railway's Meon Valley route.

Droxford Station 14/07/2018

Looking south at Droxford Station now a very desirable private house 14/07/2018

Droxford Station looking from the Up platform north towards Alton 14/07/2018.

As can be clearly seen the current owners of Droxford Station are very enthusiastic about the railway history
of the site and made us very welcome, considering there were 20 or so of us traipsing around their garden 14/07/2018.

Droxford Station looking south from the Down platform 14/07/2018.

Droxford Station 14/07/2018.

Droxford Signal Box, not quite what it seems, it was built in 2010, a very faithful
copy of the original on the same site which was demolished in 1955 14/07/2018.

Droxford Signal Box, perfect for a Model Railway 14/07/2018.

The view south at Droxford Station 14/07/2018.

Overbridge a short distance south of Droxford Station 14/07/2018

Mislingford Goods Station, the original sign rescued by a local 14/07/2018.

Substantial Overbridge near Mislingford 14/07/2018.

Track plan of the London and South Western Railway's Midhurst Station, the
London Brighton and South Pole's station is just of the map to the right. Circa 1900

Looking up the station approach at the LSWR Midhurst Station site,
standard railway cottages on the left and the station building in the distance 16/07/2018.

The LSWR's Midhurst Station, substantially altered but legend has it the
original is in there somewhere. Rather different from my first visit in 1979 when this
was a waste ground with the station and goods shed standing empty and derelict 16/07/2018.

Crypt Lane Underbridge just north of Cocking Tunnel 16/07/2018.

Crypt Lane Underbridge, the work involved just for a farm access road! 16/07/2018.

View looking east of Crypt Lane Underbridge 16/07/2018.

North Portal of Cocking Tunnel, nice and easy to get to and some welcoming cold air coming through 16/07/2018.


North Portal of Cocking Tunnel 16/07/2018.

Its easy to forget how attractive some of the countryside is around here 16/07/2018.

Wolverstone Farm Overbridge a short way south of Cocking tunnel 16/07/2018.


Looking north under Wolverstone Farm Underbridge 16/07/2018.

The rather overgrown view south 16/07/2018.

Approaching the south portal of Cocking tunnel 16/07/2018.

Cocking Tunnel South Portal, bit of battle to get here mainly because of the heat 16/07/2018.

Littlewood Farm Underbridge just north of Drove (Singleton) tunnel 16/07/2018.

Northern portal of Drove Tunnel a little overgrown but easy to access 16/07/2018.

Drove Tunnel North Portal. As is very common with railway names, some people
call it Drove others Singleton, I call it Drove as that is how it is marked on early maps 16/07/2018.

Map of the hugely elaborate Singleton Station circa 1900.

Singleton Station. I have been here a couple of times previously but
sadly the frontage is getting quite heavy with trees now 16/07/2018.

Singleton Station 16/07/2018.

Singleton Station 16/07/2018.

Toilet block at Singleton Station 16/07/2018.

Singleton Station 16/07/2018.

Singleton Station steps up to one of the island platforms 16/07/2018.

Singleton Station subway 16/07/2018.

Singleton Station 16/07/2018.

The remarkable view looking south of Singleton Station 16/07/2018.

This is the down island platform at Singleton Station. Incredible to think it is
80 odd years since regular passenger trains used this station, the whole site
has been covered in mature trees for many years making exploration very difficult 16/07/2018.

Singleton Station. It is presumed the clearance work has been done in preparation
for extending the Centurion Way footpath which starts in Chcihester 16/07/2018.16/07/2018.

Looking north from the Down platform at Singleton Station. Unfortunately when many of these lines are converted
into footpaths they are often sanitised in the name of Health and Safety, so its quite possible that a lot of this will be
cleared, the Midhurst Island Platform on the left is in particularly bad shape so I would be very surprised if it survives 16/07/2018.

Singleton Station subway on the Chichester Island Platform 16/07/2018.

Singleton Station subway on the Chichester Island Platform 16/07/2018.

Singleton Station looking north 16/07/2018.

Singleton Station view south from the Down Platform 16/07/2018.

Singleton Station subway steps for Chichester bound travellers 16/07/2018.

Singleton Station looking north. There was once extensive facilities here including a
Refreshment Room, the main reason for this was traffic to the nearby Goodwood Racecourse,
unfortunately passenger wise there was not a lot of other traffic hence the station officially closing in 1935
after a life of only 54 years only 2 years longer than the stations on the nearby Meon Valley line. 16/07/2018.

Singleton Station with the main station building visible at a lower level to the platforms 16/07/2018.

Singleton Goods Shed 16/07/2018.

Singleton Goods Shed. The attention to detail on a humble goods shed is quite remarkable 16/07/2018.

Singleton Goods Shed. The plaster work is in the
style of the stations when they were first built 16/07/2018.

Singleton Goods Shed 16/07/2018.

Singleton Goods Shed 16/07/2018.

Singleton Goods Shed 16/07/2018.

Singleton Goods Shed. The screen to one side of the loading bay, no idea how
this managed to survive all these years. I have no idea what the future holds for the
shed, it really would be a crime if it was demolished. Although it is a standard London
Brighton and South Coast design, I don't remember seeing the same level of decoration
on other examples, like at Mayfield and Rotherfield, both long since demolished. 16/07/2018.

West Dean Underbridge. Surprise, surprise it is opposite the West Dean estate hence the design, apparently his Lordship used to
pass this was so insisted on a pleasing view, can you imagine what a bridge today would look like! How times have changed 16/07/2018.


West Dean Underbridge 16/07/2018.

West Dean Tunnel North Portal a short distance south from the fancy Underbridge.
I decided to leave the south portal of Drove tunnel for another day, it really was to hot for treks, that's one
thing being ill has taught me, know when to stop, I used to always see things through to the death 16/07/2018.

West Dean Tunnel North Portal. The vents are to let Bats come and go,
unfortunately this will prohibit the tunnel from being opened for walkers and cyclists 16/07/2018.

Underbridge near the Selsea Arms in West Dean 16/07/2018

South portal of West Dean Tunnel, current limit of the Centurion Way walk/cycle path 16/07/2018.

West Dean Tunnel South Portal 16/07/2018.

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