The Remains of Britain's Steam Age Railway
Droxford, Midhurst, Christ's Hospital to Clydach
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Bricked up subway to Platform 1 and Way Out at Christ's Hospital 16/07/2018.

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Circa 1900 Christ's Hospital showing the already abandoned west side of the triangle.

Christ's Hospital Station looking towards Guildford along Platform's 6 & 7. The station was very unusual
in having two sets of double faced running lines, i.e. where you can alight the carriage from either side 16/07/2018.

Christ's Hospital Station. Considerable clearance work has taken place recently just like at Singleton,
this is to do with an extension to the Down's Link Cycle/Footpath that uses much of the route to Guildford.
How much of the platform's will survive the tidying up, only time will tell 16/07/2018.

Christ's Hospital Station 16/07/2018.

Looking back between platform's 6 & 7 at Christ's Hospital. Stammerham Junction is behind
the trees, junction with the existing Mid-Sussex line from Three Bridges to Arundel 16/07/2018.

Occupation bridge at the western end of the Guildford line platforms at Christ's Hospital 16/07/2018.

Clearance work being done on the trackbed at Christ's Hospital 16/07/2018.

Fullerton Junction circa 1900.

Fullerton Junction Station on the London and South Western
Railway's Kimbridge Junction to Andover Junction route 17/07/2018.

Fullerton Junction Station. These are the Longparish branch platform's 17/07/2018.

Fullerton Junction Station. It would be nice if the site was cleared
of the undergrowth like Singleton and Christ's Hospital 17/07/2018.

Clydach circa 1900.

Culvert under the eastern portal's of the Clydach Tunnel's 17/07/2018.

Clydach was the last location for this couple of days explores a rather lengthy diversion on the way back north.
The reason for visiting the Clydach again is it is up for sale which has meant a tidying up of the site. The line was called
the Head's of the Valley's route and as can be seen from the Gradient Profile it was an extremely tough line to work
and suffered very badly in winter. The majority of the route was closed in 1958 so you can't even lay the blame with Beeching.

The eastern portal's of the Clydach Tunnel's 17/07/2018.

Down portal at the eastern end of Clydach. 1:38 up through here, not a nice experience on a wheezing Super D 17/07/2018.

Looking east over Clydach Viaduct, much of the route to Brynmayr is a footpath 17/07/2018.

Clydach Station looking west the tunnel portal's are hidden in the trees 17/07/2018.

Clydach Station opened in 1863 as single line 17/07/2018.

Looking towards Abergavenny at Clydach Station, the viaduct begins just of the platform 17/07/2018.

Clydach Station 17/07/2018.

The route was doubled in 1877 17/07/2018.

Clydach Station 17/07/2018.

Clydach Station looking down the bank to Abergavenny 17/07/2018.

Clydach Viaduct 17/07/2018.

Clydach Viaduct 17/07/2018.

Looking of the viaduct west towards the station 17/07/2018.

View form The Lime Works the tunnel's are hidden in the trees 17/07/2018.

Clydach Station and Viaduct from above the Lime Kiln's. The station is
up for sale for £325,000 the tunnel's and viaduct are not included in the price 17/07/2018
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