The Remains of Britain's Steam Age Railway
Monsal Dale in the snow

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This was a walk I did at the end of January 2015. A train from Warrington to Buxton via Stockport then a bus to Blackwell Mill, walking the Midland Railway to Monsal Head then finishing at Ashford in the Water and bus and train home. I have walked and cycled the route several times before but with the prospect of a winter wonderland I thought I would set off and see what happened. Trains were ok and Buses were running well as the roads were quite clear. During the 7 mile or so walk I think I saw 6 other people at most, a lot of the route was covered in virgin snow 8"-10" deep so it was quite an experience and to be able to see this wonderful line in a reasonable amount of snow was very special.

Stockport late 1890's. Note that the tunnels south of the station are shown these
have been opened out I presume for electrification work, perhaps someone could confirm.

Stockport Edgeley Station looking south. 30/01/2015

Stockport Edgeley looking towards the viaduct and Manchester. 30/01/2015

Stockport Viaduct looking north. 30/01/2015

Stockport No. 2 Signal Box at the north end of the station. 30/01/2015


Stockport No. 1 Signal Box at the south end of the station. 30/01/2015

Buxton 1936. Top right is the Loco Shed and the London & North Western route from Stockport, top left the two
stations, LNWR at top and the Midland station below. At the bottom is the Midland route to Derby via the Peak Mainline.

Buxton London & North Western Station taken virtually from the platforms of the long gone Midland station. 30/01/2015

Buxton LNWR Station, the Midland station was in the same design as this with a matching Fanlight. 30/01/2015

Buxton Station looking from the buffers towards Stockport. 30/01/2015

View of the buffers at Buxton with the Fanlight behind the camera. Despite there being a
reasonable amount of snow the trains were running without serious problem. 30/01/2015

The reverse of the previous shot at Buxton. 30/01/2015

Buxton Station 30/01/2015

View from the end of the platform of the remaining Buxton Signal Box. 30/01/2015

Buxton. 30/01/2015

Buxton Signal Box. 30/01/2015

Buxton Diesel Depot which was sited to the west of the remaining platforms, while not
matching the steam shed it was still once a hive of activity, it has since been demolished. 30/01/2015

Blackwell Mill in the 1930's. The Midland mainline to Manchester runs from the left to the top with
the branch to Buxton on the left. The tiny Blackwell Mill Halt is located betweeen Buxton Junction SB
and the bridge over the River Wye. The only railway that remains is the single line from Buxton to Peak Forest.

Bridge over the River Wye at Blackwell Mill. 30/01/2015

Bridge over the River Wye at Blackwell Mill. 30/01/2015

The short viaduct over tthe River Wye. 30/01/2015

Blackwell Mill Halt looking towards Buxton. 30/01/2015

Buxton Junction looking towards Peak Forest. 30/01/2015

The overbridge that leads to the cottages at Blackwell Muill. 30/01/2015

The viaduct over the River Wye on the mainline to Peak Forest and Manchester. 30/01/2015

North portal of Rusher Cutting Tunnel. 30/01/2015

South portal of Rusher Cutting Tunnel lokking down the bank towards Chee Tor. 30/01/2015

Rusher Cutting Tunnel south portal. 30/01/2015

North portal of Chee Tor No. 2 Tunnel, the longer No. 1 Tunnel can be seen in the distance. 30/01/2015

North portal of Chee Tor No. 2 Tunnel. 30/01/2015

Looking south out of No. 2 Tunnel to the north portal of Chee Tor No. 1 Tunnel. 30/01/2015

North portal of Chee Tor No. 1 Tunnel. What a wonderful place to have witnessed steam forging up the bank as they burst out of the tunnel in a crescendo of sound and moments later plunging into the 2nd tunnel. 30/01/2015

South portal of Chee Tor No. 2 Tunnel. 30/01/2015

Looking down onto the River Wye from the bridge between the Chee Tor Tunnels gives
you some idea of the difficulties the Midland Railway had in building the route. 30/01/2015

Final view looking up the bank towards Peak Forest. 30/01/2015

Chee Tor No. 1 Tunnel South Portal. 30/01/2015

Chee Tor No. 1 Tunnel South Portal. 30/01/2015

Looking north towards Chee Tor, one of the many smaller viaducts that were built ot cross the River Wye.. 30/01/2015

Remains of The East Buxton Lime Works at Millers Dale. 30/01/2015

Millers Dale Station late 1930's.

Miller's Dale Station looking south. 30/01/2015

Miller's Dale Station looking south. 30/01/2015

Miller's Dale Station. I believe plans are in hand to make the station a cafe etc for the trail 2019. 30/01/2015

Miller's Dale Station. 30/01/2015

Miller's Dale, the two underbridge's next to the station. 30/01/2015

Looking up Blackwell Dale with the entrance to Millers Dale Station under the bridge on the left.
This is the newer bridge when the Double Track loop was built in the early 1900s.30/01/2015

Millers Dale Looking east, station is up on the left and to London off to the right. Nearest viaduct is the older one. 30/01/2015

Millers Dale Viaducts. 30/01/2015

Millers Dale Viaducts. 30/01/2015

Looking towards Manchester over the older viaduct. Millers Dale Station can just be seen right centre. 30/01/2015

Millers Dale Station. 30/01/2015

Overbridge at Litton Mill. 30/01/2015

Litton Tunnel North Portal. 30/01/2015

Looking north from Litton Tunnel . 30/01/2015

Litton Tunnel South Portal.
So common on the route a lot of the tunnel approaches are sheer drops cut through the Limestone. 30/01/2015

Looking north towards Litton Tunnel. 30/01/2015

Looking down Millers Dale towards Cressbrook. 30/01/2015

Looking north up the valley between Cressbrook and Litton tunnels. 30/01/2015

North portal of Cressbrook Tunnel. 30/01/2015

Looking north from Cressbrook Tunnel, Litton Tunnel is just out of sight. 30/01/2015

Cressbrook Tunnel South Portal. 30/01/2015

Monsal Dale 1930s track plan.

The halt at Monsal Dale looking south. 30/01/2015

Monsal Dale looking north , the remaining down platform can just be seen in the distance. 30/01/2015

Underbridge looking south on the approach to Monsal Head. 30/01/2015

Headstone Tunnel North Portal from Monsal Head Viaduct. 30/01/2015

The view from Monsal Head looking up through Monsal Dale to Manchester of this wonderful railway.
Cold, but such a perfect day, I think I saw about six people during my walk, often in 8"-10" virgin snow. 30/01/2015
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